Energy clearing

My name is Ivan Antipov and I specialise in clearing energy fast.

Introducing group clearings

Weekly 1-hour remote group clearings, leveraging the power of shared energy to multiply their effectiveness. Includes a report of the common themes targeted in the group.

Every Wednesday at 7pm BST (UK time)

£10 with an optional donation

Remote healing

I work directly with the angelic realm and have been under close guidance of Archangel Raphael for over 4 years through a channel, Jabeen.

As part of the session I will identify core life themes and send you a report of what’s been cleared.

£50 for a 1-hour session

Areas of focus

  • Trauma resolution
  • Past life clearing
  • Ancestral healing
  • Psychic attacks
  • Entities and demons
  • False indoctrination
  • Abundance issues
  • Low self-worth
  • Childhood traumas

Sound healing

I’m a certified sound healer (with the Avalon Foundation) and offer in-person sessions in Somerset, UK, using Tibetan and crystal bowls, and voice work with angelic overtoning.

First session includes an individual root chakra key reading, which will define your personal scale for healing.

Read more about this work here.

£50 for a 1-hour in-person session

Ivan has committed himself to this work in an exemplary and very professional manner. Already having the advantage of being a trained singer has in his case optimised his potential with this work, and I am very confident that any client of his is receiving a very powerful healing modality delivered in a sensitive and apt manner according to our parameters and procedures. His own clairvoyant gifts can only further the level of competence in this work. I would consider any client to be on the receiving end of treatments using our Pure Sound approach very lucky.

– Dean Carter MA (Oxon) PGCE (Cantab) Dip Sound BAST,