Remote Energy Healing Session


1 hour of remote personal attention, tuning into root causes of issues and clearing them using intention, vocal overtoning and tuning forks. Includes a written report at the end of the session.

This is not a live session – I will aim to complete it within 5 working days of booking and send you the report when it is done.

Please include any intentions or issues you’d like to address in the Order notes section of the checkout.


  1. Tiffany S. (verified owner)

    Since I received the energy healing session from Ivan approximately 6 weeks ago I began seeing amazing improvements to my emotions and overall outlook on life. I am no longer overwhelmed by all those heavy feelings and it truly feels like a weight had been lifted from me. I will certainly recommend him to anyone who might be able to benefit from his services.

  2. René Sauser (verified owner)

    Thankfully I received the healing session on 17 August ’23. To purge all the dark stuff was quite heavy. I was really sick. No power. Couldn’t eat for nearly a week, exept some berries. Extremely tired, shakely. Sleeping most of the time.
    Now I’m gaining my power back. Clear in my mind. Nightly attacks seem to be over. Sonething with my voice is a bit desturbing. But luckily I can breath so well again. That’s beautiful.
    I recommend Ivan without reservation.

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