Group Clearing


Weekly 1-hour group clearings, leveraging the power of shared energy to multiply their effectiveness.

You are welcome to set specific intentions or themes you’d like to work on in the Order comments section.

First, I will attune to the highest vibration available to me, then go through each request and look deeper into the underlying energies, noting down common themes. At the end I will write a report of any shared patterns cleared in the group.

Every Wednesday at 7pm BST (UK time)

By purchasing this product you will automatically be included in the next group. You don’t have to do anything specific, but if you can, take the time to relax and observe any sensations in your body – that will assist in releasing them.


  1. DAVID PETERSON (verified owner)

    I am being helped by you and Jabeen. I can’t really put my finger on what it does, but both highs and lows and then feeling better. Thank you❤️😇

  2. Stiliani Greuling (verified owner)

    I had dark stuff around me coming from my family line. I have tried to get rid of it by myself for decades and I went to see some people to help me with it. No one could do it.
    Well, that is not true, cause Ivan is the one who can. It took me some time to work through the aftermath of this clearing and I am not done yet. So be warned – it works! Clear recommendation.

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