I am a certified sound healer and specialise in clearing stuck energy in person or remotely by attuning to the core underlying themes and using a variety of tools to shift it.


I run a free healing group on Telegram, doing regular clearings on all members using tuning forks and voice – contact me if you’d like to be part of it.

In addition, I built and manage the GHAEN website and YouTube channel on a daily basis.

If you wish to support my work, please click here to donate.

Ivan has committed himself to this work in an exemplary and very professional manner. Already having the advantage of being a trained singer has in his case optimised his potential with this work, and I am very confident that any client of his is receiving a very powerful healing modality delivered in a sensitive and apt manner according to our parameters and procedures. His own clairvoyant gifts can only further the level of competence in this work. I would consider any client to be on the receiving end of treatments using our Pure Sound approach very lucky.

Dean Carter MA (Oxon) PGCE (Cantab) Dip Sound BAST